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Roger Vargo--Guide, Historian, Photographer

"It's more fun to drive on a dirt road knowing how and why it got there in the first place. Most roads weren't created just for the fun of conquering the wilderness. Exploring the why and wherefore of a road can be as much adventure as actually driving the road," says ECO4WD leader, and guide, Roger. With an understanding and appreciation of both backroads and the history that connects them to the present, Roger leads no stone unturned in planning a trip. With expertise in early California mining history, geology, a background in professional photography, and a bit of humor thrown in, Roger is the backbone behind Exploring Historic California. In addition to being able to guide you through the dirt roads of California and into the stories of the past, he is noted for his camp cooking skills. Perhaps he'll share a few of his recipes for us!

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Cecile Vargo--Adventurer, Author, Ghost Town Gossipist

You'll find Cecile beside Roger, as passenger, or driver, on all ECO4WD tours, and in life. She's always ready for a good adventure and often willing to add her own tidbits of twisted history or ghost town gossip to her husband's historical commentaries on the cb. Once in awhile she can even point out something that is factual herself. Occasionally, you will find her behind the leash of the family dogs, Jessie, Jake, and Sadie. She's also the brains (?) behind this website, and probably the biggest contributor.

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Marty Cole--Adventurer, Photographer, Sweep

You couldn't ask for a better friend on a dirt road, and in life, than Marty Cole. Marty is our fellow adventurer up and down California's historical dirt roads, Marty as sweep, is always behind, ready to eat everyone's dust, be it 2 or 20 vehicles. Outfitted with both cb and ham radio, he echoes Roger's instructions to make sure everyone understands the twists and turns on the adventure trails. Have an emergency, need a Kodak moment, or just need to take a pit stop? Marty stays behind until you are ready to take off again so you won't get disconnected from the group. With a knowledge of first aid, auto mechanics, and back country navigational skills, Marty is a good man to have around. The Vargo's have found his help invaluable on existing tours, and in developing new ones. Thanks Marty!!

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