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October. 6, 2007

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Friends of Last Chance Canyon is a new organization interested in sustaining and protecting areas within the El Paso Mountains, near Ridgecrest, California. The main focus is preserving and protecting historic sites like Burro Schmidt's tunnel and the Walt Bickel Camp.

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Explore Historic California!

     Not too many years ago, the family station wagon was the magic carpet to adventure. Today, that family station wagon is likely to be a four wheel drive sport utility vehicle or pick up truck. SUV's and other 4x4's are one of the best selling classes of vehicles. Ironically, industry statistics show that once purchased, few owners will dare to drive their vehicles off the paved highway.

     Click your mouse through the website and enjoy our armchair adventures and the histories behind them. If you are interested in taking one of our guided tours with your vehicle, please contact us at:

     Several years ago, we bought our first SUV. We went to a one-night class at a local community college entitled "How to 4-Wheel Drive" by Harry Lewellyn. The following weekend we attended the hands-on day tour. We liked what we were doing so much that we began going out nearly every weekend and learned how to negotiate a variety of dirt roads. Our spare time was spent doing research on the history and ecology of our favorite areas. A one-day outing turned into 16 years of leading others on mini-vacations throughout Southern California and the Owens Valley.

     Our 4WD outings involve driving on easy to moderate dirt roads and are ideally suited to novice and intermediate level drivers. All tours are suitable for stock vehicles in good condition, although some tours do have vehicle size restrictions.

     Our tours are operated under permits issued by the Bureau of Land Management, and other authorities.

     We share our knowledge of the backcountry over the CB radio with our guests. We frequently stop to explore mining areas, old and new, and ponder the rocks, plants and animals we may encounter. We'll occasionally visit an old cabin or deserted mountain lookout.

     California has a fascinating history, from geologic unrest and prehistoric petroglyph scribes to the "Radium Queen of the Mojave" and the "Human Mole of Black Mountain." Load up your 4X, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to explore historic California.

Roger, Cecile and Marty

News from Bodie

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Bodie Album

Images from Friends of Bodie Days


By God, to Bodie tour

August, 2007

Photography by Roger Vargo

On the wagon and headed for town on Friends of Bodie day.

Flapper floozies joined tourists during Friends of Bodie day.
Old time Bodie resident Elwood Brown shares his memories and photo collection with visitors during Friends of Bodie day.

A fine touring automobile poses in elegant contrast as Bodie's resident Dodge truck sputters along Bodie's dusty streets.

A load of illicit booze arrives (top left) followed by the law who quickly seize one of the bootleggers.

Spirits, both phantasmal and alcoholic, take over Bodie's cemetery after the sun sets and regular tourists depart. A spooked mule (below) speeds away from the graveyard.

Terry and Raedelle look over remains of the Bodie Railrroad east of Mono Lake.

A sand dune along the Bodie Railroad is slowly swallowing the vehicular path.
Oil stain or apparition? An anthromorphic figure appears beneath a belt wheel in the Standard mill at Bodie. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved.                           Powered by